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in Porto

Learning by sharing

Cowork Buzz pops-up as a one-day event dedicated to all things cowork, curated with a special touch. The buzz is huge! Cowork is here to stay and all the cowork founders, space managers, people engaged, lovers and curious of this movement should come together and understand where the future leads us.

Let’s join experiences to understand and discuss the current state of this community, what are the trends, common difficulties and strengths, ways to help each other, unite and grow.

The event will take place one week after the Coworking Europe Conference 2016 and this will allow us to use Cowork Buzz as a way to debrief the national community about what happened in Brussels.

Don't miss out the opportunity to be part of the conversation!

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The community will have an awesome time together, learning by sharing.

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2 days of networking & knowledge sharing through thematic conversations,
active work sessions and exchanging notes over wine.
VAT excluded
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What's happening

Day 1 - Unconference
10th of December

The Unconference will be running with 6 rounds of parallel sessions. Cowork Buzz is not about the speakers, but everyone’s views, experiences and group discussions. From management of coworking to future trends - you'll have a possibility to choose which conversations to join.

09h30 • 10h30
10h30 • 11h00
Round #0 - Why. How. What.
11h00 • 12h00
Round #1 - History & State of Coworking in Portugal
12h00 • 13h00
Round #2 - Coworking Europe Debrief
13h00 • 15h00
Best part of the day a.k.a. lunch
15h00 • 16h00
Round #3 - parallel sessions:
  • Cowork in Small Cities
  • Coliving
  • Digital Nomads
16h00 • 17h00
Round #4 - Coworker & Coworkings
17h00 • 17h30
Café & Nata
17h30 • 18h30
Round #5 - parallel sessions:
  • Events & Community
  • Cowork Management Software
  • What's being done abroad
18h30 • 20h00
Round #6 - Future of Cowork & Networking over drinks
20h00 • 23h00
Food time
23h00 • ...
"Everybody dance now!"
Day 2 - Wrap-up
11th of December

Cowork Buzz was created as a platform not only to talk, but to act. Is 24 hours enough to build cool projects together and bring the industry to the next level? Awesome ideas are about to be born here, don't miss this!

10h00 • 11h30
Final Round
11h30 • 13h00
Pitch it Out!

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Cowork Buzz was crafted with love by Porto i/o team.
From the community to the community.


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